ADF – Oval Gear Flowmeter

  • Flowrate of 0,01 – 1500 l/min
  • Temperature up to 120o C
  • Operating pressure up to 55 bar
  • Flowmeter housing in : stainless steel 316 , Aluminum , PPS (ryton)
  • Oval rotors in Stainless steel and PPS
  • For high viscous liquids up to 1.000.000 cPs
  • Accuracy of measurement : 0.5%
  • Repeatability : 0.03%
  • Low pressure drop
  • Integral instruments include LCD totalisers , flowrate totalisers ,and Batch controllers ( AMR 100, F012 , F110 , F030 , F130)

Available in Stainless steel 316 , Aluminum and PPS (ryton)


ADF series is a comprehensive range of fully positive displacement flow meters which
utilizes the time proven oval gear principle. This type of flow meter offers extremely high accuracy (better than +/-0.5% of reading), and is unaffected by viscosity (<1 to >1,000,000) with low pressure loss.
With flow rates from as low as 2 litres per hour up to 1,500 litres per minute, ADF series flow meters are available in a variety of construction materials and accessories,
in either pulser or with various electronic display versions.
Backed by an unprecedented one year warranty, each ADF series flow meter is supplied with a test report to show accuracy. In addition, ADF series flow meters are very low maintenance and suitable for on site servicing when required.

Mode of operation

The operation principle is mostly based on the two oval gears of the meter. These are interlocked and displaced by 90o in the housing of the meter. The medium rotates them as it flows. It is due to the oval gears that a particular amount of liquid is transported in portions. Also, the magnets that are on the rotors are rotated, while the magnetic impulses are recorded with the assistance of a contact which is located outside of the measurement chamber.

ALPHADYNAMIC provides flow meters for applications in energy, oil and gas, mining, marine,pharmaceutical, food, textiles, cosmetics, petrochemical, transport and construction industries around the world.

The meter ran be installed in any orientation as long as the meter shaft are in a horizontal plane. The register assembly may be orientated to suit the individual installation.
Note: Incorrect installation can cause premature wear of meter components.


lt is recomended that when setting up pipework for meter instillations a bypass line be included in the design. This provides the facility for a meter to be removed for maintenance without interrupting production